thought organization

how I organize my thoughts

One of the hardest things for me to do is to organize my thoughts. From the minute I wake to the minute I fall asleep, my head is racing with a billion thoughts. Thoughts of my daily routine, thoughts of things I am worried about and thoughts of responsibilities I am either ignoring or required to get done that day.

Years ago I developed a routine that helped me greatly. Everyday I would get up and grab a pen and paper (yes, an actual analog pen and actual paper). I would make a list of all the items that I needed to do that day. I would write the smallest things like brushing my teeth and on the opposite side of the spectrum I would write; change the world. I know what you are thinking, how can you put something that grand on such a miniscule list like my daily to dos. You really have to look at that differently to see where I am coming from. Changing the world can mean so many different things and in all actuality if each person spent a little bit of time changing “the” world or “their” world, there might actually be an impact globally. I would tell myself to do my good deed of the day and make a local change around myself and who knows if it will spread to a global change.

The reason I put very small things like brushing teeth and taking out the trash is because its to train or trick my brain into thinking that I have accomplished a larger amount of things (despite the fact they are minor compared to changing the world) It is important for us (humans) to see what we have done every day, all laid out in front of us on a daily basis, It puts things into a certain perspective and creates a sense of worth.

But to be completely honest, I haven’t done this in years. As of lately I have had this theory of not doing anything and just survive each day without being sad. Not sure this is the best way to live a life or how it will  “change the world” however this all started after my last relationship ended. I dont want to live this way but its so hard to get excited about life after you feel you lost one of the best things that made each day a lot better. Ok, I’m not going down that road in this post, I promise.

A little bit ago I was talking to a friend about their addiction to drugs and told them this thought organization trick. It helped me greatly when I was recovering and I think it works well for people in the early stages of addiction. With that said, I am NOT a doctor and am just giving my personal experience with what I have done.