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I was searching the internet one day for information about Recife and the surrounding area and happened upon this site. I started reading several post and became super interested in these death squads that this guy was indirectly talking about. From what I have heard, in Recife these death squads are normally comprised of off duty police or military personnel. I couldn’t tell if they work as individuals or in groups, however their job is essentially to go around and “cleanse” the streets of thief and individuals that are causing issues for the local business, police and who ever is willing to pay to have someone executed. The owner of the blog has on many occupations been one of the first people to be on scene and most of the pictures are of actual murdered individuals, either by these death squads or other instances.

I reached out to him via email and I will update you if or when we meet up and talk about the area for a photographer / photo journalists view.

Below is a film I found online about these people that are doing this to their community.


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