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Last night I watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Beach“, both great movies to motivate you to getting out and exploring our planet. The Beach has always been in my top five favorite movies. The main part of the story line that I take away form it is that if you truly love something, you need to let it go and the human condition can ruin any paradise. These might seem like morbid or wrong thoughts to pull from a movie but they ring so true.

We as humans as the top of the food chain forget that we form a symbiotic relationship with all living creatures. We need them and they could prob do better without us, haha Just kidding, they need us as well. The problem I see most is that we (humans) forget our place, we forget that since we are at the top we need be even more mindful of everything around us in the sense of helping one another and seeing difference as a positiveĀ and not a negative.

In my past I had massive amounts of opportunity learning about Christianity. I was raised Jewish and I attended several Christian private schools and despite my hesitation to conform to a specific religion, I always kept my ears and mind open to understanding others beliefs. I also had the opportunity to learn about another lesser known religion called ECKANKAR. By learning others religions I grasped a better understanding of what I believed in my heart. I think it good for anyone to know a different side of any topic.

How this all wraps together is you can never fully understand where you come from until you have been somewhere else. it put the world and your home in perspective.


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