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2014 World Cup @ Brit's Pub Minneapolis MN (Brazil vs Chile)

2014 World Cup @ Brit’s Pub Minneapolis MN (Brazil vs Chile)

I recently was confronted by my family about my choice  to move to Brazil. Everyone had their own reason for why I should not go. My sister a 49yo woman who is married and mother with two awesome munchkins, living in a (very) suburban area of the Minneapolis metro was almost rude in her tact of trying to convince me to not go. I all reality she has not explored much and if so she was extremely safe about where she went and who she was with. I am pretty sure she has only been to France and maybe Mexico (Cancun). My sister doesn’t do anything wrong, follows all laws and is what some people might consider a “hover parent”. But she reality just means well and wants me to be safe.

My father call me up one day and says “How about you only go for two weeks in September and I will go with you?” I told him I would think about and after a few days I met up with him and told him I would do it. I also told him I feel this would allow me more time to save money as well as learn Portuguese so that I will be better equipped for my move in July 2015. He then barked back “Wait? Move? I thought this was a in place of moving? ” I laughed a bit and asked him “What made you think I was not going to go?” He then replied “This offer was replace going not supplement it.” I didn’t understand my fathers logic until I had a conversation with my buddy Michael. He thinks that my father is scared of loosing his one and only son, that maybe I will find my original parents and not return. I later informed him that there is nothing in the world that will change the way I feel about him being my father, nothing!

My father called me about two weeks ago and asked me if he could bow out of going on this trip as his schedule will not allow (not to mention I don’t think he could physically do it with his hip) He also asked if it would be okay if Adriana (wonderful woman on the right in the photo above) went in his place. Adriana is the daughter of the missionaries that helped my parents find and adopt me when they were in Recife in 1984. I was more then happy to say yes. She has been like a mother to me and would be honored to have her show me our home town.

So… Now I will be going to Recife, Brasil on Sept 15th – Oct 1st with Adriana and then will be staying in Minneapolis until July of 2015.


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