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what I look for in a girlfriend

Everyone has their own wants and needs when it comes to what they are looking for in a girlfriend, mine are no different. I have had my share of relationships, good and bad and in the end I think the best trait to have over all is balance. Balance Like many things in the world,

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being in love is stupid

Of course I’ve been in love and I’m sure you have too (if not that is okay too), but by the end of this post you might understand why being in love is stupid. I’ve met the woman of my dreams and had an amazing relationship with her and like all good things,  it ended

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old memories of a lost love

I guess we all have them, old memories of lost loves. Loves that we didn’t want to lose. Ones we wanted to hold on to and in our minds thought it would be forever. Looking back on past relationships is exceptionally hard to do (for me at least). Old photos of the happy times we

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friendships in todays digital world

Do you have online and offline friendships? Today I had a conversation with someone on why they friend me on Facebook and then un-friended me before I could say yes or no. I thought it was quite amusing and led me to start thinking about friendships in the digital world today. What is a friendship?

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