story time: vern

Vern sat staring at this one specific social media site, as he does every hour of every day of every week at his job. Today his day started slightly different, today he woke up with a desolate uneasy feeling, one that he only generally gets and then the following day will prove to have unprecedented horror in it. Last time he had this feeling he found out his wife was cheating on him. For him the hardest part is not knowing what will happen tomorrow, how to fix it or how to see it prior to it happening.

When Vern was a child he was gifted, not with things that society might find useful or important but with social skills and his memory for spatial visualization. He could build almost anything from memory. He could also remember the layout of every object in a room with only being there once. Another gift was almost as if  he could see someone’s soul and communicate directly to it through words and facial expressions. He also could talk his way out of anything and change the persons perspective to side with his own. He felt things through logic and reasoning, he was an evolved state of human.

The next morning Vern wakes to his favorite song playing as his alarm on his cellular device, one that was considered the top of the line as this moment in time in human existence. He always has the best technology. He rubs his eye to force the sleep from them and literally rolls from his bed to his feet. As he stands he reaches to the sky to stretch upward and ascends to the tips of his toes only to jump back down at the sound of forceful knock at the front door of his modern condo. “Who the fuck could this be at 6am?” he whispers under his breath.

Peering in to the peep hole he sees a woman of average build not to big and not too skinny. He leans in to the peephole to see who this visitor was without making a sound or touching the door. It was almost like she could see him smile as he thought to himself she is attractive, she smirked at that same moment. Vern moved his head back a few inches from the peephole squinted his eyes and his smile instantly faded. “There’s no way she heard my thoughts…” he mouthed to himself without any sound that the human ear could hear, let alone someone on the other side of a solid wood fire door could. “Vern, my name is Kas, I need to speak with you.” she states. Vern doesn’t even think twice before opening the door. “Can I help you with something?” he replies as the door stops at the wall in the full ajar position. “I have come to help you, may I come in?” she exclaims in a serious voice

Once again Vern reacts without any thought otherwise. Kas enters and removes her black trench coat to reveal her black fitted womans suit with a badge clipped to her hip that read FBI. Vern’s heart rate immediately starts to race as he notices the badge. Who is she, why is she here and why did I let her in my condo. He thinks to himself as he offers her a seat on his reasonably priced leather couch he purchased from IKEA and assembled himself. He loves IKEA it allows him to purchase nice looking things for his home without spending what he thinks is a ridiculous amount of money for things that should cost less.

Kas sits and Vern follows just besides her on the couch, both slightly turned toward each other. “Vern, I’m here to save your life!” she states peering directly into Verns eyes.


To Be Continued…



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