Being scared, it’s natural right? Everyone has been or will be scared about something in there life. I for one have been scared most of my life. It’s a constant worry of the unknown. A worry of if I was on the right track or if I am doing the right thing in my life. Choices I make effect every action to follow in my life. Knowing if these are the right actions to take to provide a future I crave are a concern as well.

In the next phase of my life I will move to a country with an uncertain future and lots to offer. The people are very full of sunshine and the few that I have met have opened their heart to me as I learn and experience as much as I could take in while I was there.

My biggest concern with moving to a country I am unfamiliar with in a daily capacity would have to be the language. Portuguese is a beautiful language and I am eager and excited to learn it. For the past year I have been working on a free site called Duolingo. It has helped me getting comfortable with the basics of language. However even with this minimal training I fear that a lot will be lost in translation. I have always been able to talk and communicate my thoughts and feelings of what I need to do and moving to a country that I know very little to none of the language, I might feel alone and lost with no way to get these things out. I am confident that I will learn the language and eventually be able to communicate with great understanding.

I feel going in to the unknown builds us, it binds us to who we are as spiritual and physical beings on this planet. I think you really have to step out of the comforts of everyday life as much as you can. Changing perspective shapes personal views and allows growth.

As I am truly scared, I have a massive amount of excitement and love for this journey I will be partaking in.