peoples points of view on brazil

where do I stand on a view I do not fully understand

I just got into a somewhat heated argument about politics and peoples points of view while on a social media site. It was about Brazil and their representation of the Guy Fawkes mask that is used by protesters there. The person I was talking to is going to school down there to become a judge or lawyer in Brazil. They have very strong ideals about the way their government is and the way it should be. I however am more open to hearing the opinions and wish to stay out of it as I truly don’t know the whole picture from a first person perspective. I do however want to educate myself in the way Brazil’s government works and what they are doing to make progress for the country.

I never intend to offend or disrespect, however my views on life and country are very different than of my friends, family and most of my peers. This is not my intention to be political in my blog but its the experience that I think people should see.

To me the mask represents an ideal that we (people of earth) regardless of borders are one and that now in the digital frontier we have a more level playing field to protect our freedoms. Whether its the freedom of communication, speech, the pursuit of happiness or freedom from tyranny of an oppressive government. These thoughts are just that, thoughts!

Bringing things back to the point, when someone has an opposing view we should be extremely tolerant and allow the world to have these views. Its when these views are so strong that they want to hurt others, we need to come together and solve this issue as peacefully as we can. I know its not always possible to do but I feel we should give it a valiant effort for peace and tolerance.