old memories of a lost love

I guess we all have them, old memories of lost loves. Loves that we didn’t want to lose. Ones we wanted to hold on to and in our minds thought it would be forever. Looking back on past relationships is exceptionally hard to do (for me at least). Old photos of the happy times we once had. The songs that remind me of the great time and the reflections of the feelings we shared. One song that I held high above others was Alex Clare’s – I love you. This song describes a guys thoughts about how much he feels for this person. he goes into talking about how he loves this person and how things were when they were together. Then there is a mild breakdown and the beat kicks in and goes to the second verse where it seems like things have ended between them and he has not moved on. He talks about how this person is now someone else’s and he is sure they need this person as well.

I probably related to this song due to the fact that I knew that it was too good to be true. That our perfect world would never last or was it I knew that we were not good for each other and we were both waiting for it to blow up in our faces? I am happy for the great times we had, however we didn’t handle the end well and it was more difficult than it really ever needed to be.

I’m sharing this now because today I am weak and started to look through old instant messages we were having during the final days. The harsh words that were said on both side. The tone felt like both parties were convinced only they were correct and the other was no where near reality.

In closing, I just hope I learned something for the next time my heart breaks or vise versa. I hope I can love more openly and deal with my emotions better. I want to be a better significant other to someone some day.