giving thanks

This year I have had many changes in my life and I am thankful for all of it, good and bad! When times get rough you can really tell who are the most important people. This year it was my friends and for that I am giving thanks!

I have around four hundred friends on Facebook. I don’t really add people on FB unless I have met them face to face, I feel this is important. Around April I had a very difficult time and felt extremely alone directly following the incident. I had a vast majority of my friends step out of the “I liked your post” shadows and reach out to me for coffee or in some cases a few whiskey gingers. I thought this was incredible. I felt to loved and am extra lucky to have a network of people that when someone needs them most they are right there to help or just lend an ear.

This coming year I challenge everyone to step out of the social network infused life we all get so distracted by and reach out to a friend or 6. Show them you are more than just a “like” on their wall. Show them that you value your relationship with them and that you want to connect with them in real life. Give thanks to the people that matter most in life, not just today but everyday. I know if we make our little worlds that much better, then overall the entire world will benefit!