finding satisfaction in life

How does one go about finding satisfaction in life?

I struggle with finding my satisfaction in life. According to Google, satisfaction is defined as the fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this. The fulfillment of my wishes come true from time to to time but the bigger ones seem to be just out of my reach. My needs are also met for the most part, according to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. However I realize I have a ton of issues that still linger in the shadows.

Lets start at the top with Self-actualization. I am able to express myself and my creativity well. My quest for spiritual enlightenment has however come to almost a complete halt. I no longer question God and faith, I think the best way to describe my version of God is more like “The Force” from the movie Star Wars. We are all tied together and connected by this energy and how we interact with others and our environment is how you control your own fate. I don’t believe that an all knowing being created the earth and all living things, I think we came from a long line of evolution starting from the big bang millions of years ago.

Next one down is Esteem. This one is a hard one for me, I have great self esteem in some areas but am lacking in most and even then in the areas that I do well with, I feel that I hit my potential early. I know inside that my past has a lot to do with my current status of self esteem but I think that people can overcome anything if they really focus and want to change.

Now we come to love and belonging. This is where I have the most issues. I was abandon as an infant and was adopted to only later be abandon (emotionally) again by my adopted parents. Relationships are a whole other can of worms that I could write an entire book on but I will spare you the details for now and say they have not gone well. Friends fall in to this category as well. I feel that I have some of the best friends people could hope for and I have been learning to reach out to them more for companionship and communication. I also feel like a peer, an equal, a thought leader in my social groups.

Safety is up next. Since moving out of an abusive parents house I have always felt safe. I have taken about thirteen years of karate and am confident that if the situation arose I would be able to get out of most situations with my acquired skills. Looking at another side of the meaning safety, as in safe to share my thoughts and ideas I feel very confident that I can share my thoughts and ideas with the people around me.

Last but not least is Physiological needs. I eat because I love good food. I am lucky that I get plenty of food (probably more than I really need). I have a home, warm bed in the winter and cool breeze in the summer. The final thing is rest, which I never get enough of. This is not any ones fault other than my own. I push myself harder and harder every passing year and I am truly starting to pay the toll.

So in conclusion if I fix the things that I am either lacking or need to make happen all to get from what Maslow states I might get more satisfaction out life. I have moments in life where I am craving something, I never know what it is and can’t fill it with food (mainly chocolate), alcohol, sex, relationships (friends or other).

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