evoke emotion

I have some strong emotions about a lot of topics that I share either via this blog, Facebook or other social media outlets. My intention is never to bash, hate or down others views ever. I only hope that I evoke emotion. Emotions make us real.

To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human.”

— Mouse | The Matrix Movie

Emotions are something I have struggled with my entire life. I have had difficulties knowing how to handle them when I had them and understanding what feeling was what and why it happened when it did.Living like this can prove to be confusing and difficult. I with these issues I have always been fascinated by evoking emotion in others. I grew up with music and at the beginning learning music was forced upon me. Later in life I gravitated toward it and am extremely thankful for the push in the early years. Music is the most amazing catalyst of emotion. In film it is the responsibility of the dialogue to tell the story, the video to set the scene and music to carry the emotion.

I feel that in order to truly know your own point of view you must be open to the opposite or opposing view. I believe this will give you the best understanding of your belief. I do my best to seriously look at the other side(s) of any situation and I hope that others do as well. However it doesn’t always work out that way.

I have always felt passion for the conversation of religion and spirituality  This is often a topic that people would like to avoid in social situations. I understand wanting to avoid it, it has been the cause of many  wars and death for centuries across this planet. I often post things about religion and God on my Facebook to strike up conversation or to understand better.

As of late I lost a follower on Facebook because of a link to blog a post that I thought was interesting about “Cliches Christians Should Stop Saying”. It must have struck a heart string with them since they no longer are interested in participating in my life over social media. I find this to be a let down, we could have had a great conversation and shared our views to better understand each other