if you dont like something in your life, change it

Today I had to do an adult thing, being an adult sucks! Paying bills, signing up for heath insurance, being responsible and other blah things we have to deal with when we grow up are just the worst. Why do we choose to do these things and yes I said “choose”? All of this growing up crap is a choice. We choose to live in a box of rules and responsibility. We choose to work forty plus hours a week as a job we hate doing things we don’t love and working for companies we don’t believe in. But we don’t have to!

How to change this cycle?

First you have to inventory your life. You should get out your favorite note taking devices and write down everything in your life that you truly love about what you do on a daily basis. Next on another page write all the things that you dislike (or hate) about your daily life. Now look at these lists and look for the things that you know you can change today and change them.


Now that we got the easy stuff out of the way, look at the things that would take you almost a month to change and create a plan to change them. For example. I want to change the way I dress. I don’t want to wear suits every day (I love suits, just not every day). Next is finding out why I am choosing to wear them every day. Well in my case its because my job requires me to dress business like. Now I am going to find out what my work requires as its dress code for a male. Then I might hire a person to help you buy and dress within these parameters. I have known someone here in Minnesota for many years who does this and does it really well, check Sasha Westin out. Next I will just phase out the old suits over the course next few weeks and boom you have an amazing new look!

Lastly is to tackle the larger or more difficult things you want to change, like relationships, where you live, character flaws, etc.These might take you a bit longer but you have to make a plan and stick to it (you see a pattern here?). Its all about the plan in the end, you can solve almost any problem with a well thought out plan and proper execution of it.

I have personally changed many parts of my life in order to live the what I feel I should be and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but the best thing you can do is keep trying and plan plan plan.