constant change in plans

Boa_viagem_PernambucoWell things are changing a lot in my life. Initially when I first thought to go to Brazil I was going to sell everything a quickly as possible and then move right away. I only would have had a few thousand bucks (USD) to go with so that idea didn’t fly well with my family. Then I did some math and figured if I waited a few months then I could have enough to survive for three plus months. After many conversations as well as heated arguments with my family and friends I decided on September 15th 2014 as my launch date. My family continued to share their dissatisfaction to me going so quickly. Then one day my father asked me if I would go down there for two weeks with him to visit. At first it sounded like a good idea, however I didn’t want to come back if I was going to make the 15 hour flight down there.

After a week of thinking my father brought the whole going there to visit topic up again and now I am seriously considering staying until June of 2015 to save a bunch of money and go down there with a huge bank to live off of until I get on my feet and learn the language.

Well staying longer might be a good idea.


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