consolidate your life

Have you ever thought to yourself that you own too much crap and you want to consolidate your life? This has been my state of mind as of late. I want to sell all of my things and only own what I can carry in my arms, I realize this is probably not realistic in most situations, but what I crave none the less.

In the past nine months I have been going through everything I own. Throwing the things that I would not use on a daily basis and saving only the things I truly can not live without. This is an extremely hard thing to accomplish being the pack rat that I have been over the years. Things I am keeping are pictures and items that will allow me to be more productive or successful in the near future. I thought this might be a easy way to think about each item but it is proving to be more and more difficult.

Lets take cables for an example, cables are some of the things I would say are always great to have but are a pain because you don’t need them until you need them and having to run to the store to get a stupid USB cable might put me in a bad mood. So do I really need ten extra USB cables sitting in a box somewhere waiting to save the day in the future. The inside of me is screaming YES, but the logical part of me is saying, throw/donate seven of them and keep the rest. I ended up going with the latter.

I never realized how much I can feel for the inanimate objects I own or have kept for a time or place in my past. The vast amount of memories and emotions that these things represent. A concert ticket from my childhood, a love letter that was written to me, a note that was passed to me in junior high, a license plate from my first car or a mix tape you made for a girl you liked and you didn’t have the balls to giver her, out of fear of rejection.
I now will pack these things up in boxes and store them until I return. Until I have found what I have been searching for, all of these years.

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