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I don’t owe you an explanation

I tend to explain everything, even things that I shouldn’t need to or want to. So, here it is “Why is Ian back in MN after only four and half months?” Before I get in to the whole WHY, I’m going to update you on what I did while I was there. I spent my Read More



I hate waiting. I would guess that most people feel the same as I do about this topic. Waiting in lines, waiting on people, waiting at bars alone, waiting for something to come in the mail and waiting for things to change. That last one is a bit weird cause you really shouldn’t wait for Read More


letting go and moving on

Traditionally the best way to let go of resentment or anger and move on are quite simple. I have tried many of the following things people are suggested to do in order to let go. I have stopped blaming others. I have made the decision to move on. I talk through my feelings and pain. Read More

intro video

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Since my inception of this plan (to move out of the country) my family has been fighting me every step of the way. My sister hates the idea and thinks I am uninformed for wanting to put my life in “danger”. She has even used tactics of guilt and loss of privilege. Well in my head Read More

the deal

I recently was confronted by my family about my choice  to move to Brazil. Everyone had their own reason for why I should not go. My sister a 49yo woman who is married and mother with two awesome munchkins, living in a (very) suburban area of the Minneapolis metro was almost rude in her tact of trying to Read More