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finding satisfaction in life

How does one go about finding satisfaction in life? I struggle with finding my satisfaction in life. According to Google, satisfaction is defined as the fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this. The fulfillment of my wishes come true from time to to time but the bigger ones seem Read More


friendships in todays digital world

Do you have online and offline friendships? Today I had a conversation with someone on why they friend me on Facebook and then un-friended me before I could say yes or no. I thought it was quite amusing and led me to start thinking about friendships in the digital world today. What is a friendship? Read More

back home in the US

I’ve been back in the US 4 weeks now. I am so ready to go. Its nice to have time that I have to save money and see all my friends and family as much as I can before I move but I am very anxious to just go already! I am trying to plan Read More

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