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my arrival to boa viagem recife, brazil

emotions are flowing as I make my arrival The first and most amazing thing I noticed getting out of the car when we arrived at Adriana’s parents home in Boa Viagem was the way the city sounded. The mixture between native birds, people, construction and traffic. It is the most beautiful combination of sounds I Read More

ten days

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intro video

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Since my inception of this plan (to move out of the country) my family has been fighting me every step of the way. My sister hates the idea and thinks I am uninformedĀ for wanting to put my life in “danger”. She has even used tactics of guilt and loss of privilege. Well in my head Read More

the photographer

I was searching the internet one day for information about Recife and the surrounding area and happened upon this site. I started reading several post and became super interested in these death squads that this guy was indirectly talking about. From what I have heard, in Recife these death squads are normally comprised of off Read More

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