evoke emotion

I have some strong emotions about a lot of topics that I share either via this blog, Facebook or other social media outlets. My intention is never to bash, hate or down others views ever. I only hope that I evoke emotion. Emotions make us real. “To deny our own impulses is to deny the

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bio: erica hanna

I have met so many people over the years, but none have affected the world more than Erica “Freakin” Hanna the multi-colored hair rockstar! Her and I met back in 2010 (according to our FB friendship page) at the Minneapolis St Paul Social Media Breakfast. Erica has always been one of the leaders in not

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being in love is stupid

Of course I’ve been in love and I’m sure you have too (if not that is okay too), but by the end of this post you might understand why being in love is stupid. I’ve met the woman of my dreams and had an amazing relationship with her and like all good things,  it ended

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secret to winter in minnesota

Today I woke up and hopped on social media to find the entire United States of America was below zero, this hasn’t happened since the 70s. Buffalo, New York got 70+ inches (that is not a typo). I grew up in the mid west so cold and snow are not unfamiliar to me. I can

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letting go and moving on

Traditionally the best way to let go of resentment or anger and move on are quite simple. I have tried many of the following things people are suggested to do in order to let go. I have stopped blaming others. I have made the decision to move on. I talk through my feelings and pain.

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5 signs you really hate people

We have all done some of the following items from time to time. I am just as guilty as the next, however I will be the first person to admit that I truly hate people. When someone asks you for coffee or a beer to chit chat you avoid it at all costs. You may

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story time: the brazilian flag

Growing up in the USA, you learn all about this country, you learn about how it was formed and what wars happened and even what the flag means. Today I wanted to share with you the history behind the current Brazilian flag and what everything on it means. There have been four flags of the

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if you dont like something in your life, change it

Today I had to do an adult thing, being an adult sucks! Paying bills, signing up for heath insurance, being responsible and other blah things we have to deal with when we grow up are just the worst. Why do we choose to do these things and yes I said “choose”? All of this growing

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old memories of a lost love

I guess we all have them, old memories of lost loves. Loves that we didn’t want to lose. Ones we wanted to hold on to and in our minds thought it would be forever. Looking back on past relationships is exceptionally hard to do (for me at least). Old photos of the happy times we

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finding satisfaction in life

How does one go about finding satisfaction in life? I struggle with finding my satisfaction in life. According to Google, satisfaction is defined as the fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this. The fulfillment of my wishes come true from time to to time but the bigger ones seem

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