bio: erica hanna

I have met so many people over the years, but none have affected the world more than Erica “Freakin” Hanna the multi-colored hair rockstar! Her and I met back in 2010 (according to our FB friendship page) at the Minneapolis St Paul Social Media Breakfast. Erica has always been one of the leaders in not only the social side of this ever expanding internet but also in the heart of charity.

She has spoke at almost every event I have attended, the following is just a small list of a few:Muilt-colored hair rockstar

  • Keynote: Associated Collegiate Press “Best of the Midwest”
  • Keynote: AdFed 32 Under 32 awards
  • Midwest Journalism Convention panelist
  • MN Bloggers Conference Speaker
  • Stewed Media Podcast Guest
  • Geekgirls podcast “Geek of the Week”
  • AxPX podcast guest
  • Conversation hub podcast guest
  • MN Association of Government Communicators
  • Women in Public Service
  • Spyder Trap Digital Way Finder – Moderator

She is also a nationally recognized award winner, here is the short list:

  • multiple emmy award winner.
  • promax gold/silver/bronze award winner.
  • @klout for good national award winner.
  • Nobel Peace Prize Forum Social Media Ambassador
  • Waldorf College Outstanding Young Alumni Award
  • Forest City High School Young Alum Award


Charity Water

She has been an advocate for Charity Water, helping to raise money and awareness for an organization that brings clean drinking water to people all over the world. Erica has helped raise an amazing $30,212!!! She has a current drive going on right now (time of this post), so please consider giving what you can as we celebrate what we are thankful for this holiday season! We are all thankful she is helping to make this world better!


Puke Rainbows

Recently she has built up a company (as the founder) that makes beautiful content for the world, through creative direction, strategy and video. Puke Rainbows   (I love that name!) This is a new and exciting path for her and we are all super excited for her and can’t wait to see the amazing things she helps to create.


“Being creative isn’t simply about making stuff. It’s about caring. About your neighbors, your clients (friends), and even strangers.” – Erica Hanna

Erica Hanna | Photo: Adam Bouska | NOH8 campaign

Erica Hanna | Photo: Adam Bouska | NOH8 campaign


I am extremely proud to know and have her as a close friend of mine. I will always look to her as a positive and professional example to follow in every aspect of my life. I have always felt that your life online and in real life should be the same. Erica has been the bridge bringing people together, whether it is from the internet or just meeting for coffee to expand your network, she connects our world! This (and every) Thanksgiving, I am thankful for her!