my arrival to boa viagem recife, brazil

emotions are flowing as I make my arrival

The first and most amazing thing I noticed getting out of the car when we arrived at Adriana’s parents home in Boa Viagem was the way the city sounded. The mixture between native birds, people, construction and traffic. It is the most beautiful combination of sounds I have ever heard. I will deffenatly be spending a lot of time outside listening to this beautiful city.

Below is a picture from the balcony at Adriana’s parents home, just blocks from the beach!


There’s so much I have done and seen, it’s hard to take time to stop and write while here, so I will do little posts here and there.


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  • Adriana LeFeber

    My picture 9 years ago…visiting mom and dad :-) how cool is that!

  • Adriana LeFeber

    Can’t wait until you’re back there sending more pictures of the amazing life in Brazil!

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