about three weeks in

I have been living in Brazil for just about three weeks now. Things feel so different, everything from day to day encounters to how you use the elevators. I have met so many people already and I hope to meet many more. I acquired an apartment after about one week here, which I feel is an amazing feat to accomplish considering that it is so difficult to get anything done here. When you need to do something, there is about 5 different locations you need to visit, one for each step of the process and they are on opposite sides of the city. I would not have been able to do any over this unless I had the help form my friends here that spoke fluent Portuguese.


Next step I need to do is finish getting all the required documents in order to buy things like Internet service, a stove and a fridge. (all things that do not come with an apartment right off the bat) I also have started my search for more work, here in Brazil and in the US. A good friend of mine in the US has contacted some important people here in the city to help me get a job. I meet with them in two days. I have also to the local CouchSurfing community to see if there are any opportunities with them or people they know for work.


Yesterday I returned from Gararhuns, a city 300km west of Recife, located on a plateau of a mountain. The tem pasture up there was very cold compared to Recife. I was not prepared for it as I didn’t bring any pants and sweaters. However the CouchSurfing people were very generous to lend me pants. There we attended the Festival Inverno of Gararhuns (celebrating winter) There was music and food from the region and lots of rain. I had so much fun, it’s was amazing to learn about different parts of the state of Pernambuco.


Now I need to focus all of my attention on finding work and making money. I will update again when I have more news.


Tchau, Obrigado!