5 signs you really hate people

We have all done some of the following items from time to time. I am just as guilty as the next, however I will be the first person to admit that I truly hate people.

  1. When someone asks you for coffee or a beer to chit chat you avoid it at all costs. You may totally like the person but you just want to distance yourself from having to interact with other humans. I jump at the opportunity to interact with people. Especially if it lead me to being able to tell them how much they suck… Just Kidding!
  2. You interrupt people when they talk, just because you want them to stop talking. We might not even know we do it, but ya it happens. I like to do the whole Kanye thing.
  3. You talk shit behind peoples back. “Oh have you heard what Jon did last week? He is such an asshole.” This one I try not to do. If you can’t say something to their face then you have a bigger problem than hating the general public.
  4. You don’t answer when someone calls you and you just text them back writing something like you can’t answer because you are in the midst of something. I never do this and I can’t stand when others do this, unless of course they are truly busy and can only text.
  5. You wear your headphones (even when you aren’t listening to anything) to avoid talking to someone or everyone. Nope, never nor would I ever do this, this is borderline insane in my opinion.

What are some of the things people do because they really hate people and are trying to avoid them?

  • Adriana LeFeber

    I’ve got a couple things to add to the list…even though I believe that most of the hate we have toward others is in the heart, and nobody finds out what’s really in there.
    6. You’re all about the person on the outside, but covet and hope for their worst in your heart.
    7. You talk badly about someone to all those around or, you constantly point out their mistakes, because deep down inside the person you really hate the most is yourself. Hurting people hurt people.
    8. You don’t make eye contact…
    9. You criticize someone else’s lifestyle, decisions or behaviors when you’ve never lived a day in their shoes.
    10. The one I’m guilty of the most…tailgating and cutting through traffic because I hate people who can’t drive! hahahaha

    • IDS07

      Great insight!