Month: July 2014

brazilian food

I have been eating so much Brazilian food lately and everything I have tried has been amazing! While growing up I didn’t get to eat any food from my home country except once I went to a festival with my father when I was about ten years old. I tried some of the food and

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the movies

  Last night I watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Beach“, both great movies to motivate you to getting out and exploring our planet. The Beach has always been in my top five favorite movies. The main part of the story line that I take away form it is that if you

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the photographer

I was searching the internet one day for information about Recife and the surrounding area and happened upon this site. I started reading several post and became super interested in these death squads that this guy was indirectly talking about. From what I have heard, in Recife these death squads are normally comprised of off

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the deal

I recently was confronted by my family about my choice  to move to Brazil. Everyone had their own reason for why I should not go. My sister a 49yo woman who is married and mother with two awesome munchkins, living in a (very) suburban area of the Minneapolis metro was almost rude in her tact of trying to

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